Further Down The Stream:

101 More Tips for Living Life in the Divine Flow​

Shortly after publishing Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Steven began writing weekly messages to expand on the principles he shared in that book. Further Down The Stream is a compilation of 101 of those inspirational messages, offering you an even deeper understanding of the divine flow trough additional details, stories, insights, and examples. Further Down The Stream was published in 2012, and it is 302 pages long. It is available as a Paperback Book and eBook. To read the Contents and Introduction to this book—along with a sample chapter—click on the sample button:

Row, Row, Row Your Boat:

​A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow​

In Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Steven uses the lyrics to a well-known children's song as a simple set of instructions for living a life of greater happiness, satisfaction, and ease. When examined word-by-word, this lyrical metaphor reveals a powerful and effective formula for fulfilling your heart's desires effortlessly. First published in 2004, Row, Row, Row Your Boat is 132 pages long, and it is now its its third updated printing. It is available as a Hardback Book, eBook, and Audiobook. To read the Preface and Introduction to this book, click on the sample button:


Further Down The Stream, Volume 2:

54 More Tips for Living Life in the Divine Flow​

In this second volume of Further Down The Stream, Steven has assembled 54 more of his inspirational messages, including several stories he often tells in his talks, but has never written down before. Included, too, is a detailed description of the mystical experience that sparked Steven's lifelong interest in spirituality at the age of fourteen. Further Down The Stream, Volume 2 was published in 2014, and it is 158 pages long. It is available as a Paperback Book and eBook. To read the Contents and Preface to this book, click on the sample button:

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The Littlest Biggest Helper

Steven's latest book is for children. It is not about the divine flow, but it is a charming story that will warm the hearts of both children and adults alike. For all the details about this delightful, illustrated book—including a few sample pages—click on the LBH button: