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About Steven


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Steven's Mystical Experience

The spontaneous mystical experience Steven had under an oak tree at the age of fourteen is described in the Preface to his third book, Further Down The Stream, Volume 2. To read the Preface now, click on the picture below.

Oak Tree Experience

Inspired by a brief, but profound mystical experience he had at the age of fourteen, Steven Lane Taylor has had a lifelong interest in spirituality. He studies eventually led to a weekly class he taught from 1996 to 2004 at a New Thought church in Dallas, Texas.

Steven's work focuses on helping people learn how to recognize and cooperate with the divine flow of life. He has published three books on the subject. He has been the guest speaker at more than 90 New Thought churches in 16 states. And has been invited to speak at six national spiritual conferences.

When asked what makes him an expert on living life in the divine flow, Steven says, "Because I am so naturally bad at it! As a recovering control-freak, I am forced to confront my manipulative behavior daily. But as a result, I have become super-sensitive to the pitfalls of manipulation and control, and hyper-aware of the miracles that come from letting go and letting the divine flow lead the way."

In 2006 Steven moved to beautiful Sedona, Arizona with his lovely wife, Carol, where he continues to teach people how to follow the flow to the effortless fulfillment of their heart's desires.