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Where Steven is Speaking in 2024

Steven currently has no speaking engagements scheduled for 2024

What People Are Saying

About Steven's Presentations

Tenna Yoes, Abilene, TX

Thank you for your wonderful work and workshop, Steven. I have been applying the principles you teach, and the positive difference in my life has been like night and day.  

Chuck Sprong, Grapevine, TX
As a professional presenter myself, I offer high compliments on the pace, presentation, and content of your workshop, Steven. You are dedicated, charismatic, powerful, and gentle–a winning combination!  
Vickie Delaney, Oklahoma City, OK

It's unbelievable the way my life has turned around since hearing and applying your profound principles, Steven. Keep up the miraculous work!

Monique Pizzitola, Oklahoma City. OK
Your workshop was engaging and helpful. You are a talented speaker, Steven, with a wonderful message and an ability to share your stories and experiences in a way that truly captures an audience. 

Joyce Brenton, Mesa, AZ
I had several revelations during your presentation. Steven.  I put you right up there with some of the greatest "gurus" I know! 

Diana Kennedy, Tallahassee, FL
I learn something new each time I hear you speak, Steven. Thank you for inspiring me, and bringing me to a new level of trust in God. 

Christy Egart, Peoria, IL
Thank you, Steven, for your honest and candid sharing. You are indeed a light of God, and you have touched my soul. 

Rita Wuehrman, Prescott, AZ
Steven, the message you presented at Unity of Prescott was very meaningful for me, and others as well. One young lady was moved to tears, and can't stop talking about your presentation. Thank you! 

Sandu Crivineanu, Las Vegas, NV
Your workshop has turned my life around, Steven! Your inspiring stories, suggestions, and instructions have helped me change my attitude and enjoy the journey of life more. 

A Compilation of Reviews, San Diego, CA
Steven, you may be the best presenter I have ever seen. I loved your enthusiasm, and your stories were all helpful and relevant. You are an inspired child of God with an excellent message. 

Said by many at the 2009 gathering of the Centers for Spiritual Living

Your workshop at this year's Asilomar Conference, Steven, was the best one I attended all week. 

What Ministers Are Saying

Rev. Shay St. John, North Houston, TX

Steven, your presentation at our church was inspiring, caring, and spiritually aligned with Truth. We were blessed by your presence.

Rev. Ellen Davis, Krugerville, TX
Steven, your style of delivery is as entertaining as it is informative. And the principles you teach stay in one's mind long after you have left. No wonder we have invited you back to our church five times!

Rev. Darlene Strickland, Lawrence, KS
I have worked with many talented and inspiring speakers at my church, but Steven, you are now at the top of my list! Weeks later, wonderful comments are still flowing in!

A Compilation of Reviews from the 2007

Conference of Unity Churches
Steven, you should have been the keynote speaker at our conference. Your presentation was superb!  You are an excellent speaker, and your points are very clearly organized. What an inspiring, amazing, and helpful session!


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