Neale Donald Walsch

Author of the Conversations With God Series

In language we can all understand, here is wonderful and eminently practical information about how the world works, and how we can make it work for us and for everyone.

Jeanie Brosius King

Life Coach

Row, Row, Row Your Boat seems simple, but it contains deep and profound truths.  Steven's approach is down-to-earth, and he clearly understands modern life and its challenges. I highly recommend this book. 

Linda Anderson

Energy Healer

Steven is the most insightful expert on the nature of the divine flow that I have ever encountered. The inspirational messages that he has included in Further Down The Stream are gentle, loving, intelligent, witty, and straight to the point–offering consistently illuminating perceptions.

Praise for Row, Row, Row Your Boat 

Kim Whiting

Writer and Painter

When I need to get back to center, I just open this book and all it takes is one page to get my internal compass pointing back to True North. Further Down The Stream is a great book—one to keep on the bedside table for a quick reminder of the power that supports us and carries us always.

Dan Coppersmith

Poet and Nature Photographer​

In a light and entertaining manner, Steven clearly demonstrates how our efforts to control things causes us to struggle needlessly. And he shows us–in very doable steps–how to let go and reap the benefits of being in the flow. This book is one of those rare owner's manuals that life should have come with. Read it. And anytime life seems hard, read it again.

Sheri Huffman

Web Designer

I get more out of Steven's weekly messages than I do from a combination of all the other inspirational messages I receive. I believe that we all have teachers in life that speak particularly to us. Steven has become one of those teachers for me, and I know that many others feel the same way.

Trudy Oberg


It is rare to find a book on living a spiritual life that has juicy information from the first page to the last. I have read Further Down The Stream two ways: By just opening it up when looking for a quick answer; and by starting at the beginning and following its flow. Both ways are truly rewarding. Steven's book is a treasure chest of wisdom that is guaranteed to brighten the life of anyone who is looking for inspiration and help while walking this earth.

Mary Ann Leslie

Former IT Manager

It's true, we cannot reach our chosen destinations in life without taking action. But we can certainly learn how to get there with less stress and strain.  Thank you, Steven, for showing us how to follow divine direction and "row with the flow," instead of fighting the current. 

Jeanette Alexander

Pianist and Composer

I am so glad, Steven, that you wrote a follow-up to Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Further Down the Stream is a beautifully inspiring book. I keep it on my living room table to remember its messages. Thank you for your wisdom and your guidance!


Tama J. Kieves

Author of This Time I Dance!

With reason and practicality in his toolbox, Steven Taylor teaches us pure and proven steps to turn our lives into the wondrous adventures they were meant to be.

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Praise for Further Down The Stream

Edwene Gaines

Author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Steven Lane Taylor is a master teacher who has a smashing style and a delightful way of presenting profound ideas. His simple formula for creating a life that works makes my heart sing.

Joanne Deck

Wellness Consultant

In Further Down The Stream, Steven has beautifully woven his weekly inspirational messages into a guide that is both uplifting and practical. I treat myself to one selection a day, and it never fails to provide insight and encouragement. Life does not have to be hard! Let Steven show you a better way.